Welcome to one rarely seen corner of the internet.
This won't take up much of your time

There may be a certain something missing.

Here are some characters from a dream I had one time.

Through here you will find the dead husk of a blog



Other links lurk


In a none too organized fashion

Like this one here, made by a monkey.

Wade lives here sometimes more often than he stops by here.

But if you insist, here's some other stuff by him

Like this Comic

                   Feel free to read it.

Random Birds

Here's another!
The Pretty Girl align box

And another
In the Ocean

Sometimes things just show up on no regular schedule whatsoever

(Such as this thing, which leads to a very slowly developing something-or-other)

There have been developments!

It can be hard to find an explanation.

And when you find it.

It can be difficult to make sense of.

For instance

You might be asking yourself,

"What the hell is a fizghoi anyway?"